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We aim to provide unique yet affordable medical care to pets. Our veterinary professionals are trained to deliver pet care services with utmost compassion and care, making sure to make lifelong friends along the way. We provide veterinarian services for cats, dogs, goats, pigs, and rabbits to attend to their needs with efficient diagnostics and treatments. We promise to have open conversations with you and keep you in the loop about the treatment.

We offer in-house, mobile, and at-home veterinarian facilities. You can bring your fur baby to our hospital, or we will visit you. Whatever that keeps your pet comfortable and happy. We provide grooming services and pet accommodations to save you the extra hassle. Your pet will be in good hands! Yes, we give awesome hugs to our little and not-so-little furry pals.

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All pets have special needs when it comes to healthcare and style. Our expert veterinarians and friendly environment make us stand out from other veterinarians every time!

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    When you bring home a pet, it’s not just an animal living with you, it’s a bond of a lifetime. Every snuggle, belly rub, and shower is a bonding experience. Being a pet-parent not only means finding the right meals and chew toys for your buddy but also means being there for them through the tough times, just like they are there for you!

    At Hodges Animal Hospital, we understand how important your four-legged family member is. Providing essential care for your pets for over 20 years, we believe in offering affordable services that keep your pets happy and healthy. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy pet environment and help you be a responsible pet parent.

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    Client Feedback


    • “My wife and I are super satisfied with their services. We don’t have to worry about anything ever since we started taking our pets here.”

      – Mathew Campbell,

      Real Estate Agent
    • “I remember being stuck at home with no car and an urgent need to visit the doctor. I called these guys up, and they immediately put my case on priority and sent their doctor home to treat my baby. I am grateful to Hodges Animal Hospital for their at-home services.”

      – Laura Parker,

      Sales Executive
    • “Love their staff! Such welcoming smiles await us at every visit. My dog has started getting excited about his vet visits now.”

      – Tom Hunt,

    • “I have been going to them for 3 years now, and I am highly satisfied with their services. They cared for both my Siamese cats and helped my Pomeranian heal from his skin issue. So grateful to the doctors!”

      – CJ Peters,

      Business Owner
    • “I found their services to be very good and affordable. My dog has never looked healthier. I have recommended them to all my friends.”

      – Judy Williams,

      Hotel Manager